Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Recipe Round-up

Every Tuesday I want to post about the recipes I’ve tried during the previous week.  I would love it if you could leave a comment pointing me in the right direction of more tasty treats – I’m always on the look out for lovely things to make to keep our meal plans interesting!

This week will be a selection of things I’ve made over the past couple of months, I must remember to keep the camera handy as I’m cooking.

First up is Cheese Pinwheel Rolls from The Hungry Mouse.  I made up some pizza dough in the breadmaker and the kids and I had great fun turning the dough into ‘cheese worms’ by covering the rolled out dough in all sorts of cheese (amazing what perfectly good little bits you find at the back of the fridge!) and then rolling them up.  Daisy wasn’t impressed that we had to then slice up the cheese worm (‘Mummy you are deading my best friend!!’), but soon changed her mind once the rolls were out of the oven & she’d had a bite!  We ate them with home made lentil & bacon soup for a really cheap but amazing dinner.  They were eaten before I had a chance to take a picture!

Next is the gorgeous Baked Apple Donuts from Home Cooking Rocks!.  I made these one night when Tim was out with friends, the kids were fast asleep and I ended up eating 4 before anyone else even saw them!  Very addictive, it’s impossible to eat just one, especially when they are still warm from the oven.  The recipe was easy-peasy and the mixture was made and in the oven within minutes.

Not the best picture but it was night time :)

apple donuts

Making me hungry just writing this…

This next one sounded a bit too good to be true, but I just had to give it a go to find out, Microwave Potato Chips from Food Gal.  That’s right, crisps from the microwave.  The ingredients are simple – potatoes, olive oil, salt.  The cooking was a bit of a faff, especially as I couldn’t make loads at once.  Lots of checking & turning!  But the end result was so worth it!  I don’t really like crisps generally, but these were just amazing.  Not something I’d attempt to make for the whole family unless I had a lot of time to kill, but I’ve made them a couple of times as a sneaky late-night snack since.  Just as good every time.

Crisps 002

I hope you go ahead and try something I’ve featured here, if you do please let me know!  Tonight’s dinner is an easy one, as requested by the kids (who keep seeing the advert on tv!) – Puff pastry pizza & salad.  Trusty breadmaker might make some garlic bread to go with it yum yum…

Next week I’ll be a bit more organised!

Jen xx