Saturday, 29 May 2010

Toddler clothes from a tablecloth & a bedsheet

My husband laughed when I brought home a table cloth from a charity shop and announced I was going to make Daisy something to wear with it.  I intended it to be a dress, but got distracted and cut it far too short, so I ended up making a long top.  Made using the peasant blouse tutorial at Indietutes (so easy and quick – thank you Vegbee!) the top took less than an hour.

Daisy doesn’t really have any summer trousers or shorts yet and the top I made would look ridiculous with a skirt so I decided to make her some bloomers!  I used a pattern from Making Children’s Clothes and whipped up a pair within an hour.  The pattern was 12-18 month size but looked huge so I figured they’d fit my dinky almost-3-yr-old.  I made them in white so she could also wear them with a couple of outgrown dresses from last summer.  The white fabric was a brand new bed sheet also found in a charity shop.  My darling husband burst out laughing when he saw the outfit on, I think she looks cute!

So, dressed in a table cloth and a bed sheet, here she is:

Image0844 Image0846

Front & back (please excuse the mess!)

Image0845 Image0852

Bloomers & messy hair (we’d just been out in the rain!)

Image0855  Image0848

Happily rolling around the floor changed pretty quickly to fed up of picture time.

Daddy & Dylan obviously weren’t too impressed:


Now I’m looking for a pattern for a party dress to make her for my brother-in-laws wedding in a few weeks.  I have some fabric but no idea what dress to make with it…


Jen xxxx