Monday, 9 November 2009

Recent makes

Since my last update I've been attempting some papery-type things for my stall:

Gift boxes and notebooks:

I've made some Christmas themed ones too but couldn't be bothered to get them out to take a picture of!

The boxes are made using simple origami, they take a couple of minutes but they look so cute (well I think so anyway!)

These are all made using Papermania papers, Regency and Blueberry Hill.  Embellishments were random things I found in my stash.

Close up of a gift box.

I've also made a few new bags, but this was the onlyImage0071 one out to take a picture of.  Will take some of the rest over the next couple of days.  The outer fabric of this bag was a pair of my jeans, the flower is removable (on a brooch back) and the lining is cool!



 Image0072 Image0074






I made the flower using 2 fabric yo-yos and a ladybird button.  It looks orange in the picture but thats because I never think to take photos during the day, so if my pictures are odd colours I do apologise!

Image0075All of my bags have a little silver star to the left of the pocket inside seeing as I haven't made myself any tags yet.


I've made a few drawstring bags and keyrings (pics to come) and have been working on my very own soft toy pattern, I hope to make up the first one this week :)

All is on track for the 6th December, I just hope people want to buy my things.

P.S. Please leave me a comment to say you've been and had a peek and let me know what you think of my creations!


Sazzii said...

I think they are super dooooper :D Love you :) xxxxx

spooks83 said...

So funky ur so great! and artistic!!! remeber tht bag ur gonna make me for xmas! like the pic!

ChibiPanda said...

Wow your work is amazing and Spooks83 and Sazzii seem to think so too!!! I love all your work and hope to see more. xx