Saturday, 24 October 2009

Some additions....

I've been ill for 2 weeks so haven't really made much (well I've started plenty but not finished anything until today!)

I went hunting in charity shops this week and found some small  frames for some of my cross stitch and embroidery.  Also managed to get 3 cushions I'm going to re-cover.  I've started embroidering pictures on a couple of plain grey baby tshirts.

I also got a couple of 100% wool jumpers to felt in the washing machine.  I have accidently felted roving when dyeing it several times so thought it would be easy peasy to felt something on purpose - I was wrong!  They have both been through the washing machine about 4 times and still look exactly the same.  Never mind!!

Evil green jumper!! ---->

Today I made this quick drawstring bag for my childrens finger puppets - I keep finding them in the most random places so thought they could do with a home.

I used reverse applique to add a label saying what's in there.

Will be whipping up a few more of these for all those pesky little bits of toys.

Little black and red box pouch I made this morning ---->

And back to the sewing machine I go....