Saturday, 14 November 2009

New things!


My blog has had a little makeover - I was bored of pink and flowery!



First of all, I made my little Daisy some pj bottoms.  They are nice and baggy, and made of gorgeous floral flannel.  They match the dress of the dolly I made a few weeks ago.  The pj bottoms were so easy, I used this tutorial.  I plan on making a few more pairs for her, and some for her big brother when I get some more boyish flannel.




I've been looking at making soft toys for a while now, this is a mini version of what will hopefully be my first pattern.  Arthur the owl is made from felt, but I plan on using cotton or fleece for the bigger version.  I love him!



Also during my felt-adventures I whipped up a couple of Christmas decorations.  A christmas tree with red french knot baubles and a sad gingerbread man!  He just needs a little loop on his head and he's done.



Another bag, this time using some Amy Butler upholstery fabric and a floral cotton for the lining.  I decorated this one with some white ric-rac and buttons.  I made a thinner-than-usual strap for this one, I think I prefer it to the wider one.

I've got a whole load of bag pieces waiting Image0105 to be assembled so will hopefully have some more pics up after the weekend.





Image0097 Image0100

Image0101I’ve been taking some more pictures of some of the things I’m  going to be selling.

I hope people will buy things, and I hope it doesn’t rain…




Image0095   Image0103